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Beats 4 you

Lease or BUY BEATS 

We have experience producing music for pop, rap, hip hop. We feature the following programs and hardware to help you master your sound.


  • Protools

  • Fruity Loops

  • Luna Avaiable

  • WAVES Mercury Bundle

  • UAD Plugins

  • Plugin Alliance

  • Slate Digital

  • Antares Autotune


  • Lauten Audio Eden

  • Argosy Halo Studio Desk, Acoustic treatment and diffusers

  • UAD Apollo x6

  • Avalon V5

  • Warm Audio EqP-Wa Tube Equalizer

  • Black Lion Seventeen

  • Adam Audio 

Check out my newest releases below.

mixing, mastering & radio edits

Mixing (2 stems & Full Stems)

FOR MIXING: Pro Tool Users: Please send me the session with each track named and organized within the session Ableton, Sonar, Logic Etc: Please send me stems named and organized Rates Per Song: One Mix w/2 Track Instrumental – $100 (Approx.4 Days) One Mix w/Stems- Please Email Radio Edit- $20 Show/Tv Edit- $20 ​​I offer Rush Order on all services. Additional fees will apply. Pricing (per song) is as follows  3 DAYS – $30 | 2 DAYS – $50 | 1 DAY – $75 *Price on a mix w/stems please email ( *Album/Ep/Mixtape & Demo packages are available please email ( *Mix Sessions will be stored for 30 days Below are a few of the steps taken during the mixing process: Advanced EQ, Compression, Noise Gating, Reverb, Delay & DeEssing using industry standard plugins and Analog gears and Advanced mixing techniques. Includes Auto Tuning & Manual Vocal Editing. 40 Stem Limit ($3 for each additional Stem) (ANALOG + DIGITAL GEARS) – Track cleanup – Balancing each individual track’s volume – Separation of each musical element – Spatial placement of instruments – Adding effects to enhance sound (Ear Candy) – Volume, pan, effects, and master bus automation – Stereo or mono bounce of final mix


FOR MASTERING:This service goes for only Mastering the Stereo Wav File. If you would like Stem Mastering please email ( Rates Per Song: One Song Master – $50.00 *Album/Ep/Mixtape & Demo packages are available please email ( Below are a few of the steps taken during the mastering process: – Noise Reduction – Equalization – Tube Compression – Mastering Reverb – Peak Limiting – Adding Ambience – Stereo Widening – Bass Enhancement – Maximization – Dynamic Expansion – Fades/Crossfades – Complete CD Mastering


Revisions are changes or edits you would like made to your Mix & (or) Masters once they have been sent to you. First 3 Revision are Free Revisions (Per Song) – $20 Radio Edit Mixdown – $20 Performance Mixdown – $20 Acapella Mixdown – $10 Instrumental Mixdown $10 Pitch Correction (Per Stem) – $5 ​ *For Mixing, Two free mix revisions per song (Revision fee of $20 may apply for any additional revision) *Any revisions to a Mix after its been Mastered will cost the Revision fee of $25.00 *Stem Replacement Service: This goes for replacing any stems after a completed mix or mastering is done of your approval. Email for any questions!

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